Company superiority

R & D strength

Menlo R&D center achieved more than 50 patents, all because of our over 40 engineers and senior engineers with 8 years’ and 15 years’ experience in this filed. We using IPD (Integrated Product Development) model for its project development. We insist focus, innovation as a only continue step to operating all our new products.


Cell manufacturing

(Menlo) MLC has characteristic of intelligent C cell manufacturing, which can reduce the lead time, reduce cost and increase product consistency. Through intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing system, each production process will be set by cells, which means combining each cell to be a whole production line, and eventually complete product manufacturing by both humans and machines....


Quality assurance

Menlo implements ISO9001 quality control system and ISO14001 environmental control system. Our products accord with CQC, UL, TUV and VDE certificates. All product are monitored by the quality system, and the product can be recorded in the trace. We have perfect design, process, inspection documents and unique , all of the products can make reliability assessment, and commitment to the customer purchased the product failure rate is less than....


Technical support

Based on satisfaction to the needs of the customers and the experience of manufacturing metalized film capacitor for 30 years, we adhere to the notional design and bold innovation. They are all our technical advantages that we can innovate and improve the product, and provide the more cost-effective solution to customers....


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